• Paulina

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  • Debut

    montage_kleinLast week I had the honor to shoot some pure pictures for ANA HATAS debut album.Beautiful music – beautiful words – beautiful woman.To listen to her amazingly calming and clear voice click here._dsc0095_freig_dsc0117_freig_dsc0123197-beschnitt_freig_dsc0126_freig_dsc0125_freig    
  • A pocketful of dreams

    It’s been a crazy two weeks in NYC and we have had it all.Moving from deep down Brooklyn to high up Harlem, from first time feeling Jazz on Broadway to tears in theatre watching the play THE HUMANS. Big money walking the streets, being robbed legally ordering margaritas and beer….yes, for Berliners it can be quite surprising how much it’s worth to drink a beer….A little wind on a sailing boat on Oyster Bay, dreaming about Billy Joel playing “Keeping the Faith” for us.Tired people on the subway, not trying to keep their eyes open. How much do you have to work to make it?A presidential debate where you start asking yourself if you are still alive, or if you somehow died and instead of going to heaven you ended up in a comedy parallel universe.Incredibly beautiful people walking down Bowery as if it was normal.A sun in the sky shining bright light on the streets every single day.A city that smells of pancakes and chocolate croissants.The best possible company one could ever ask for.A pocketful of dreams._dsc0853  _dsc0544_dsc0568_dsc0578_dsc0726_dsc0553_dsc0862_dsc0867_dsc1016_dsc0662_dsc0672_dsc0648_dsc0699_dsc0669_dsc0705_dsc0771_dsc1025_dsc0888_dsc1037_dsc0803_dsc0796_dsc1122_dsc1103_dsc1127_dsc0921_dsc0957_dsc1028_dsc1055_dsc1126_dsc1054_dsc1240Beam me up, Scotty._dsc1245
  • ☆ Sturmadler ☆

    Wenn die kleine Uli kommt wird die Welt ein wenig bunter, lauter und lustiger, und ganz schön stürmisch..und das freche Grinsen erst…, und wenn Sturmadler No.1 endlich gelandet ist, dann geht’s bestimmt so richtig rund. Wir freuen uns auf dich, Carlotta, und das Konfetti hier, das ist für Dich, und die Ballons auch! Deine Mama ist ganz schön verrückt und ich bin mir sicher ihr drei Sturmadlers werdet jede Menge tolle Abenteuer miteinander erleben. Auf los geht’s los!DSC_6271DSC_6133DSC_6082_1DSC_6139DSC_6427DSC_6475DSC_6357DSC_6461
  • Breathing in clouds

    Yesterday we went up to the seaside for a day. I think it’s important to stop and breathe every once in a while.And be grateful for the miracles of life. IMG_20160903_102124
  • Hello love. How are you today?

    EVASo to you lovely Mum have a fantastic day. You are beautiful
  • Fuck New York – we’re having a baby

    Anna Part II. SIX MONTHS039_0492_Schoen011_0492_Schoen087_0492_Schoen064_0492_Schoen069_0492_Schoen138_0492_Schoen620_0495_Schoen110_0492_Schoen117_0492_Schoen715_0495_Schoen-Bearbeitet723_0495_Schoen727_0495_Schoen728_0495_Schoen751_0495_Schoen766_0495_Schoen756_0495_Schoen809_0495_Schoen870_0495_Schoen877_0495_Schoen886_0495_Schoen892_0495_Schoen995_0495_Schoen-Bearbeitet908_0495_Schoen_freigestellt
  • From India with Love

    It’s about loving all the colors – and not only one of them.Life is a journey.1030_India_2016-20771_India_20160872_India_2016Unbenannt-31020_India_20160904_India_20160833_India_20160750_India_20161072_India_20161028_India_20160902_India_20161226_India_2016Unbenannt-71721_India_20161269_India_2016-21267_India_2016-21263_India_20161260_India_2016-21256_India_2016-21236_India_20161225_India_2016-21210_India_20161026_India_20160998_India_20160972_India_20160855_India_20161126_India_20161056_India_20161085_India_20161041_India_2016-21333_India_20160177_India_2016-20168_India_2016-20154_India_2016-20143_India_2016-20114_India_2016-20048_India_2016-20023_India_20160022_India_20160058_India_20160063_India_20160079_India_20160070_India_20160098_India_20160105_India_20160207_India_20160212_India_20160125_India_20160080_India_20161636_India_20161606_India_20161523_India_20161540_India_20161567_India_20161550_India_20161544_India_20161716_India_2016
  • Eva ∞

    …und wenn ich für dich fliegen muss, krieg ich das irgendwie hin.Babyfotografie_Schwangerschaftsfotografie_24Babyfotografie_Schwangerschaftsfotografie_25Babyfotografie_Schwangerschaftsfotografie_26Babyfotografie_Schwangerschaftsfotografie_27Babyfotografie_Schwangerschaftsfotografie_28DSC_1357Babyfotografie_Schwangerschaftsfotografie_29Babyfotografie_Schwangerschaftsfotografie_32Babyfotografie_Schwangerschaftsfotografie_33Babyfotografie_Schwangerschaftsfotografie_35
  • Mamma Mia

    So this is what it’s all about. Right here – right now. One of the most beautiful women I know is having a beautiful baby.And I have the honor of telling the story. Just now it’s tiny and you don’t see much but a little what I call a cheese belly…hahaha…the one i have myself…Ohh, she will hate me for that…puh, but I can’t wait to see that belly grow.So yesterday from the minute I walked through the door until I walked out again I could not possible take my camera eye of her and the two of us had a great time catching up with all the things that had happened since we last met. We would only stop talking for a click or two. Girls at their best.Great afternoon. btw – no photoshop – no makeup – only natural light.So this is for you Anna, that you always remember how very beautiful you are – and this very special moment on the 17th of May 2016 in your flat in Berlin carrying that tiny new life inside of you.Bless ya my girl.001_0492_Schoen001_0492_Schoen-18001_0492_Schoen-66001_0492_Schoen-32001_0492_Schoen-393001_0492_Schoen-423001_0492_Schoen-399001_0492_Schoen-390001_0492_Schoen-386001_0492_Schoen-331001_0492_Schoen-371001_0492_Schoen-370001_0492_Schoen-210001_0492_Schoen-268001_0492_Schoen-271001_0492_Schoen-215001_0492_Schoen-68001_0492_Schoen-80001_0492_Schoen-117001_0492_Schoen-100001_0492_Schoen-170001_0492_Schoen-134001_0492_Schoen-169001_0492_Schoen-161