Moving from deep down Brooklyn to high up Harlem, from first time feeling Jazz on Broadway to tears in theatre watching the play THE HUMANS. Big money walking the streets, being robbed legally ordering margaritas and beer....yes, for Berliners it can be quite surprising how much it's worth to drink a beer....

A little wind on a sailing boat on Oyster Bay, dreaming about Billy Joel playing "Keeping the Faith" for us.

Tired people on the subway, not trying to keep their eyes open. How much do you have to work to make it?

A presidential debate where you start asking yourself if you are still alive, or if you somehow died and instead of going to heaven you ended up in a comedy parallel universe.

Incredibly beautiful people walking down Bowery as if it was normal.

A sun in the sky shining bright light on the streets every single day.

A city that smells of pancakes and chocolate croissants.

The best possible company one could ever ask for.

A pocketful of dreams.


A Pocketful Of Dreams