The people I photograph are the be-all and end-all for me. Your wishes count, and I genuinely value your input. We can fall into a creative flow together, and I will transition between the roles of the director and the attentive listener.

Before the shoot, we'll iron out the details together, discuss ideas, and lay the groundwork for a smooth and fabulously fun photoshoot.

For me, it's all about making this experience a joy ride filled with laughter, excitement, and good vibes. The result? Pure happiness and an enthusiastic "holy moly, this is exactly what I had in mind, but like a zillion times better!"


What is the best way to prepare for your shoot? Get your wardrobe ready, washed and ironed. Clean, smooth, and lint-free clothing will make your photos look more professional.

Important: Try to sleep well and long enough. And it is best to eat something shortly before our appointment so that you are not or will not be hungry.

Men / Business: To prepare for the shoot, it's advisable to schedule a haircut a few days in advance. On the morning of the shoot, make sure to shave or neatly trim your beard. Please bring a suit or two, along with two to three shirts in different colors, and a variety of ties to choose from.

Woman: Well rested, fresh and happy, I look forward to seeing you. If this preparation doesn't work out, rest assured, I'll get you going.

You are welcome to make an appointment with the hairdresser before the shoot. I advise against radical hairstyle changes before a shoot, then it's better to do the shoot a few weeks after your hairdresser's appointment when you've gotten used to the new look.

Bring business outfits - or other favorite clothing and accessories of your choice.


Prioritize Comfort and Fit: Wear clothes that make you feel at ease and flatter your body shape.

Dark Tops are Ideal: Remember to include at least one dark-colored top in your selection. Black, dark blue, or dark gray shades work best.

Flattering Necklines for Business Photos: Opt for necklines that enhance your appearance, whether it's a scoop neck, round neck, square neck, or turtleneck.

Focus on Well-Fitting Pants: Jeans or other pants that fit you well are usually sufficient. Full-body shots are typically not required, but if you desire them, we can accommodate.

When in Doubt, bring More: If you're unsure about your outfit choices, feel free to bring additional options. I'm here to assist you in selecting and coordinating your outfits, so there's no need to worry!


Should You Book a Makeup Artist? Absolutely!

Hiring a makeup artist is a resounding yes! Their expertise ensures that you feel confident and beautiful in your own skin. Furthermore, their session serves as a fantastic introduction to the photo shoot.

A makeup artist doesn't just enhance your facial features; they also pay attention to your hair. Perfect hairstyling is included as part of the makeup package, using tools like curling irons and straighteners. You can leave all the worries behind and bid farewell to any bad hair days.

Rest assured, the makeup artist will tailor your makeup to suit your unique style and preferences. Whether you're aiming for a professional business portrait or a more unconventional private photoshoot, we prioritize your desires and the purpose of the shots.

And if you're wondering whether a little extra makeup is recommended, the answer is yes. The camera's lighting tends to diminish some of the makeup, so a slightly bolder application is advisable.

Experience has shown that professional makeup preparation leads to outstanding photos and superior results. I have the privilege of collaborating with three exceptional makeup artists whom I wholeheartedly recommend. They can join us in the studio or at the location of your choice. I'll gladly handle the booking arrangements, and you can pay the makeup artist directly.

A comprehensive photo makeup session, including hairstyling, typically costs around € 150.


For the business session, I welcome you to my studio where we can discuss the style and concepts over a cup of cappuccino or hot chocolate.

I will show you examples and go through the options: headshots for job applications, images for your personal website, company website, or social media profiles.

We will talk about the message you want to convey, such as a positive attitude, openness, confidence, and more. Perhaps you have already found your preferred style and background on my website? We can also go through your clothing options and various combinations. We have ample time for all of this. If you choose to have your hair and makeup done with us, you'll have a consultation with our makeup artist.

For the private sessions, especially one involving multiple individuals, it's important that we meet beforehand and discuss everything in detail. This way, you or your group will have an idea of what to expect during the shoot. Don't worry, we'll still have time for questions and ideas on-site. I will guide you and your loved ones, providing instructions and accompanying you throughout the shoot. You will see how enjoyable it can be!


These words I hear very often. Some people find being in front of a camera scarier than facing a dentist's chair. But that's where I come in. Consider it my calling to make you feel at ease. So comfortable, in fact, that you'll dive right into the shoot and we have some good times. By the end, you might just find that you had a great time. And of course, when you gaze upon your pictures, I wanna see that smile on your face.


So I am based in Berlin, and that's also where I have a beautiful daylight studio. It is just beside the my favourite river Spree, in the southeast of the city. 

But I also travel a lot for my work, in Germany and the whole of Europe. 

If you wanna know whether to shoot your pictures in the studio or the great outdoors, just go with your guts - let’s talk, we will know what’s the best for your pictures once we talked it through.


Outdoor photography is perfect for those personal moments, whether it's private shoots, family portraits, or even your business headshot with a touch of natural light and a real backdrop. I've got the scoop on great locations on the buzzing streets of Berlin. So, have you decided where you wanna strike a pose? I'm up for anything and everything! You name it, and I'm game.


Welcome to my studio, nestled along the banks of the Spree in Köpenick. It's a creative haven that provides a sturdy and versatile framework for our portrait sessions. The unique atmosphere inside, coupled with the magic of studio lighting, sets the stage for an entirely different vibe than the great outdoors. Check out my portfolio to see the captivating effects that studio and outdoor photography can bring. If you're up for something extra special, we can even blend the best of both worlds with a customized package. Let's unleash our creative powers and capture stunning moments in this studio adventure!


Following the photo shoot, you will receive a link to our gallery showcasing the selected pictures. These images will be displayed in a gallery-style format on a website called PicDrop. From there, you can conveniently choose the photos you wish to order and request any desired retouching. After a few days, I will deliver the selected and retouched images to you via a download link on the same PicDrop website. This process is designed to be highly convenient and user-friendly.


What size and format will the images be provided in? The images you order will be delivered in JPEG format. For business photos, the maximum size will be 2800 pixels on the longest side. For photos from private sessions, the maximum size will be 4200 pixels on the longest side. It's important to note that when pictures are cropped, the sizes will be reduced accordingly.

Will the photos be in color or black and white? You have the flexibility to choose between color, black and white, or even both options for your photos.


How extensively do you retouch the photos? I customize the level of retouching according to your preferences, adjusting them as lightly or heavily as desired. We will have a discussion beforehand to ensure your expectations are met. My approach leans towards achieving a natural look in the final results.


For prints, I recommend two photo labs in Berlin: Pixelgrain and Viertelvor8. Both labs have provided excellent results for me and my clients.



Do you also offer photo books? Yes, for private sessions, I offer individually curated and exclusive photo books. They make for a wonderful gift!

Private Session

from € 800